Hörlein Award

Foundation of Marie Hörlein in 1958 in memory of her husband, Prof. Dr. Heinrich Hörlein, born on June 5, 1882, died on May 23, 1954. Prof. Hörlein taught at the University of Jena, became member of the board of IG-Farbenfabrik Bayer AG. He was an honorary professor and honorary citizen of the Düsseldorf Medical Academy.

The Hörlein Award is intended for major scientific work, in particular habilitations in the field of human medicine, iin accordance with the provisions of the founder. It is awarded at irregular intervals. The award is endowed with € 5,000.

An example from 2016: Dr. Nadja Lehwald-Tywuschik from the Clinic for General, Visceral and Paediatric Surgery won the Hörlein Award for her habilitation thesis. In her thesis, she characterised new molecular mechanisms and signalling pathways for identifying potential therapeutic approaches for protection, regeneration, and tumour development in the liver. HHU/UKD press release on the topic (in German)

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