Happy 95th Birthday, Udo van Meeteren

Happy 95th Birthday, Udo van Meeteren

Archive photo: HHU Honorary Senator van Meeteren in front of the “Haus der Universität”, which he offered significant support (photo: HHU archive; photo above: HHU press photo (excerpt) / Wilfried Meyer).

Patron and Honorary Senator of the HHU: Udo van Meteeren

The GFFU congratulates the university’s Honorary Senator on his 95th birthday (born 26 May 1926 in Mülheim an der Ruhr). An in-depth profile honouring the long-standing patron and active supporter of the university, including details on his latest philanthropic commitments, can be found in this recent news article from HHU: "Honorary Senator Udo van Meeteren donates 95 grants"

There is one more point we would like to add to this: With the “Haus der Universität” foundation, overseen by the GFFU, van Meeteren (together with his wife Irmel van Meeteren and others) makes it possible for the facility of the same name to operate on Düsseldorf’s Schadowplatz, with over 750 events and 31,000 attendees per year (before the pandemic...) 

The “Haus der Universität” is currently being embraced by the citizens of Düsseldorf as a place for scientific lectures and a bridge to the HHU. It is the university’s embassy in the heart of the city – a shining example of a “citizens’ university” offering a well-rounded education in “general studies”, which is also kindly supported by van Meeteren.


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